September 1, 2017

I am an explorer at heart and nothing is more wonderful to me than to get out in nature as often as I can…our recent trip up north included lots of exploring…I just wish we had more time to have even more adventures!




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newborn family session <3

August 16, 2017

Last weekend I met baby Reese who was only 6 days new…this was my very first newborn session so many thanks to Doug and Sarah for letting us come and hang out with your family <3

We also shot our first newborn film (see below) <3



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August 7, 2017

My husbands band recently got together and recorded a new song…with that came a new video.  This time around I got to use my video skills and help out :0)  The super cute parts were the kids and the dad’s…this video will be so much fun to look at later when all these kids are grown…it will sure to be family treasure for everyone.

I also took some photos of everyone (of course!)


Porch – Thimble *Music Video*

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Posted by Porch on Monday, August 7, 2017

Happy 4th :0)

July 2, 2017

Every year I like to document my kiddos celebrating the red, white and blue…last year I just didn’t have time (or I was lazy ;0) ) and I didn’t have anything for the family album to celebrate the fourth…so this year I made sure I had lots and lots for the album. :0) | Family Photographer Oakland County, MI (and surrounding)

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In addition to family portraiture, I am gearing up to offer these authentic fine art portraits to local preschools, daycares and small schools in the area soon.  Are these faces not the cutest? <3 <3 <3

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June 8, 2017

ah…I can’t believe my beautiful niece is old enough to attend prom (not hers but her boyfriends)…but it means that there is one more year before she grows wings and flys! When I pulled up to the park to see her in her dress and make up and hair done, I was in awe of the gorgeous young lady she has become.
I love you dearly sweet one <3

I also managed to take a little video of the two of them <3 <3 <3

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a new capture

June 4, 2017

I frequently find that I like to stretch myself when it comes to my photography…so I am pretty regularly taking workshops and signing up for classes to learn and grow.  It is truly amazing how much there is to learn and that I can always find something new to explore.  This new venture, however, takes a bit of a twist because its switching my dial in the video direction of my dslr.

I signed up for a workshop recently and the challenge was to shoot pictures and video in one session (eek!) …so I asked my new friend Emily to help me out and she and her family agreed!  Emily is also a wonderful photographer (along with her husband) and her two cute boys made perfect subjects.

Below is the video that I created…it was so challenging!  Editing and shooting video is a whole new world to me…but I am thankful I have my husband Chris to bounce ideas off of and to ask for advice in how to do things in this whole new software since he has been doing video for so long now.  Before this, the only video I had taken was at a wedding that I assisted him on but all I had to do was press stop and start while the camera was on a tripod ;0)





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new projects

April 21, 2017

I have started a new project this year…its mostly for my family, but I have been sharing it on my Instagram page as well.  I will be making a book of these for my babes to look at for all their days…I feel like the words of scripture should be written on their hearts and sometimes a picture to go with it makes that a bit easier to remember and its definitely more impactful <3

I am also diving into another project of fine art photography soon…more to come :0)

double digits!

April 3, 2017

any opportunity I have to shoot my babes is great…but especially when one of them is turning double digits! (where did the time go…gah!)



March 12, 2017

Right before the really windy day hit, we had another windy day that was mostly “blow your hair around but not knock out your power” kind of day.  I wanted to document him with his airplane because we had just got back from vaca and he had taken his first plane ride…but it was too windy to do much of anything…he still smiled through it all though. :0)

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