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Tara and Wes…married!

July 27, 2010

We had the pleasure of shooting Wes and Tara’s wedding this past Friday…and it was our very first!  We were a bit nervous as I checked the weather (you know, the “hour by hour” details on and it said 100% chance of rain right at the time we would be shooting the wedding!  I can honestly say I was praying for things to go well all before the shoot.  And guess what?  God is awesome because the only rain we experienced lasted about one minute and was gone!  Tara and Wes still had to put up with one of their photographers not having a voice however…I had laryngitis…but I learned how to do sign language at the last minute (like a “thumbs up” for “I got the shot”  lol)…Chris had to be my voice that day 😉
Tara wanted to pose with her little kitty that they cutely adorned with a white bow tie 🙂And each one of them posed with their dog who also got a bow tie!  Here’s Wes and the doggie 🙂Here’s the couple getting their first look of one another…

Tara, seriously, you are beautiful!- this is one of my many favorite shots we have of youAnother one of my fav’s:Tara and Wes decided to share a glass of wine at their favorite restaurant. When they entered, the whole restaurant broke out in applause for this gorgeous coupleTara and Wes in the limo heading off to meet their families at a restaurant to celebrate…Congrats you two! much love and happiness from the Cooles!