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September 27, 2015

As a parent…every so often, you should take the opportunity to pull out your camera (whatever camera you have, even the one on your phone!) and document the world around you….the world that will never be the same as that very moment because the world moves so fast and time has a way of escaping us…string those moments together and print them out…your kids will thank you for it (and you will thank yourself too!) this is a sample of my little collection of the past three weeks around here…from storm concerns, hanging out, trips to the library and bedtime rituals…they are all the things I want to remember…they are our stories <3

_B6A5762 _B6A6004 _B6A6104 _B6A6048 _B6A6134 _B6A6205 _B6A6292 _B6A6518-2 _B6A6585-2 _B6A6634 _B6A6658 _B6A6673 _B6A6706 _B6A7419 _B6A7432 | Family Portrait Photography
Oakland County, MI (and surrounding)

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