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January 11, 2016

This post is directed at all of us moms…I know you look at pictures of yourself and you wish you were this or that and wondering how in the world you will ever get to that perfect weight or look less like your age and more like you did ten years ago.  I know because I do the same things and I hear from other moms who do so as well.  They love the pictures of their kids, even their husbands, but shudder at the images of themselves.  So I am here to tell you a little secret that I learned last fall.

It was early November and the weather was exceptionally nice.  My daughter was off from school it was just the two kids and I.  I decided to take the opportunity to shoot some pictures of the three of us.  Now this in and of itself is a huge challenge and undertaking especially with a two year old, but I had it set in my mind that if we ended up with some good stuff, great! and if not, then I would not be too upset and could try another time.  I got my tripod all set up, laid out a blanket and took the images you see below…I use a remote shutter so I let the kids take turns pressing it to make it more fun for them.

Now normally selfie pictures make me cringe…its hard enough to try to pose myself without knowing what I look like…but on this day it was different and I will tell you why:

  1.  I put clothes on us that were super comfortable (worn in and easy to wear)
  2.  I didn’t take a super long time grooming us from head to toe…I picked clothes that coordinated, added a little texture with my daughters sweater and called it a day!  Even our hair wasn’t perfect (and became less so with all the fun we were having 🙂 )
  3.  I did fun things with the kids in front of the camera…I tickled them, made them laugh…had them tickle me…asked them to make each other laugh…asked them to run and hug, kick off our shoes and just have fun!
  4. I didn’t think about the camera (well as much I could- after all it was on a tripod and there was a two year old remember?!) but those smiles you see of me?  they are real…I never do that!
  5. There is no perfect!  I let go of the perfect here…I didn’t care that not everyone was looking at the camera…I just wanted to embrace and enjoy them…and let me tell you, it felt sooo nice!

If these are the only pictures of me that my kids could ever have, then I would be totally happy…I would love for them to remember me this way…smiling, happy and loving being with them!

So the next time you are in front of a camera try to remember to relax, enjoy your family and relish the time you have together in a real way…it will come off in the images that are taken and it may even surprise you how much you like (or at least don’t mind) the way you look!  After all, your children are going to be the ones that will hold these images most dear to their hearts someday…so give them the real you to remember <3

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