November 3, 2010


What does a session entail?

Our family sessions last up to an hour with a focus mostly on non-posed captures in a few different background settings depending on the location chosen.  Families are encouraged to relax and enjoy each other during our time together! <3

When are sessions scheduled?

To make the most of natural lighting we try to schedule each session around the best times of day like a couple hours prior to sunset.

Choosing clothes:

Once your session is book we will send you clothing suggestions as well as how best to prepare for your session!  Clients have texted me for opinions on outfits and I am more than happy to help :0)

What makes our type of photography so different than other traditional studio photo sessions?

Our photography is extremely personalized…beginning with setting up and choosing a location (which may even be in your own home) for your session.  Each family session includes both my husband and I for up to an hour with you and your family.  After the session, the personalization continues with hand-touching of each of the final images that will be in your gallery.  My primary purpose is to deliver images to you that will be cherished by you and your family for many, many years to come.

Are all of the images taken at the session available for purchase?

Because we require the best quality in the images we present, we do not release any unedited images for purchase.  However, you will have a gallery full of wonderful images from your session. :0)

Photos on Facebook and the photography blog:

Typically after your session has ended, we may display a few of the photos watermarked and low resolution on our Facebook fanpage and/or our blog.  Our clients are free to tag themselves in the photos on Facebook and use them as their profile pictures provided they are not cropped or edited in anyway and the LC Coole Photography logo remains intact. 🙂

All LC Coole Photography images are protected by federal copyright law…copying, printing, downloading or scanning is prohibited.


I would love the opportunity to answer any additional questions you may have, so please feel free to contact me at lisa@lccoolephotography.com!