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ya…she is my heart 🙂  We were taking some portraits of her for Valentines Day today, when we got the idea to look see her through the heart shaped hole that was on a bench she sat on!

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Let them be little…its kind of a subconscious goal I have tucked in the back of my mind everyday…I want her to be silly and have lots of fun as she learns about the world around her…definitely not to grow up too fast.  So I really, really, REALLY treasure these days I have with my little girl and trust me when I say, I thank my Heavenly Father all the time for the blessing of her in our lives. 🙂 xoxoxo

IHF- Water

July 26, 2011

water! we had literally 5 minutes for Gracie to play at splashpad…i wanted to get some fun shots of her…the last time I took her here she was so trepidacious but tonight, because we didn’t have much time, she took bigger risks and actually got a little wet 😉