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hanging out

April 26, 2012

sometimes it is super hard to get my daughter out so I can photograph her…yesterday I took her out with the intention of getting a few and then letting her play at the park the rest of the time.  She literally gave me a few minutes and then she was done!  So I have one I love of her…and I two I love for myself! 🙂


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ya…she is my heart 🙂  We were taking some portraits of her for Valentines Day today, when we got the idea to look see her through the heart shaped hole that was on a bench she sat on!

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family photos

October 3, 2011

If you are anything like me…being in front of the camera is not something to look forward to, AT ALL…but, I also know that it is important that my daughter know I actually existed when she was a child 😉

Yesterday, with our tripod in hand, all of us headed outside in hopes of taking a nice family photo.  Normally I stress out about this a bunch and it ends up in tears and frustration from everyone…but this time was different.  I decided before we headed out that if we got one, great, if not that would be fine too, at least we would have some family time together…and don’t you know when you don’t stress, it ends up turning out just fine.  That doesn’t change the fact that my husband and I cringe at ourselves in photos, but I know years from now these will be small treasures worth their weight in gold and my daughter will look at them again and again to see what we looked like as a family all those years ago.  🙂