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December 4, 2017

this is a little glimpse of our November…so hard to believe that the end of the year is so near!


November 4, 2017

October was such a pretty month…I do love all of the fall colors :0)


October 1, 2017

September was busy so not much personal shooting, but my niece got a new puppy so that was exciting for everyone ;0)

new projects

April 21, 2017

I have started a new project this year…its mostly for my family, but I have been sharing it on my Instagram page as well.  I will be making a book of these for my babes to look at for all their days…I feel like the words of scripture should be written on their hearts and sometimes a picture to go with it makes that a bit easier to remember and its definitely more impactful <3

I am also diving into another project of fine art photography soon…more to come :0)


March 12, 2017

Right before the really windy day hit, we had another windy day that was mostly “blow your hair around but not knock out your power” kind of day.  I wanted to document him with his airplane because we had just got back from vaca and he had taken his first plane ride…but it was too windy to do much of anything…he still smiled through it all though. :0)

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September 19, 2016