a new capture

June 4, 2017

I frequently find that I like to stretch myself when it comes to my photography…so I am pretty regularly taking workshops and signing up for classes to learn and grow.  It is truly amazing how much there is to learn and that I can always find something new to explore.  This new venture, however, takes a bit of a twist because its switching my dial in the video direction of my dslr.

I signed up for a workshop recently and the challenge was to shoot pictures and video in one session (eek!) …so I asked my new friend Emily to help me out and she and her family agreed!  Emily is also a wonderful photographer (along with her husband) and her two cute boys made perfect subjects.

Below is the video that I created…it was so challenging!  Editing and shooting video is a whole new world to me…but I am thankful I have my husband Chris to bounce ideas off of and to ask for advice in how to do things in this whole new software since he has been doing video for so long now.  Before this, the only video I had taken was at a wedding that I assisted him on but all I had to do was press stop and start while the camera was on a tripod ;0)





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6 Responses to “a new capture”

  1. What wonderful memories! You did a fabulous job! I would never have known this was your first time shooting video and photos in one. These family photos are perfect, I am sure this family is so happy with your work!

  2. Katie Jane says:

    Love this! I just started experimenting with video too and it is such a different beast. This turned out great!

  3. Karyn Lee says:

    I just love these images! This family obviously has a great connection! And I LOVE the video at the beginning!

  4. Rachael says:

    This family is adorable, you did a great job!

  5. Kim Kravitz says:

    AW! They have such a beautiful family!! Love the video too!!

  6. These are fantastic! I love the video, too – I need to remember to try to shoot more video.

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